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Gifts of Trill

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE ON VACATION FROM DECEMBER 25, 2017 through JANUARY 7, 2018. We may not respond to requests until January 8.

We are delighted to send Trills fresh from our kitchen to you and yours. We bake to order and usually need one week to fulfill requests. If you want your Trills ready sooner, email us before placing an order.

Have a list of gifts to send? No problem. Fill out and return this multiple order form — or call us with the information. We’ll do the rest, including private labeling for as few as one dozen identical gifts.

After you place your order, be sure to send us a message re: delivery deadline, along with any personal message for a gift card (limit 100 characters). For local gifts, don’t forget to send us the delivery address.

Most Trills ship via USPS or UPS for a flat $15. If the address is within a 15 mile radius of the W.Cambridge/Belmont border we can deliver it ($5-20). You are also welcome to pick up your Trills at our commissary at a mutually convenient time. We will bill you separately for any additional shipping or delivery based on the particulars of your order.