Product Lineup

Product Lineup

“I just sampled your Honey Almond BEEZcotti for the first time and I am bowled over by your creation. Now I have to try everything else in your product line, as you are clearly master bakers.” — Alisa P., after her first BEEZcotti encounter at Formaggio Kitchen 

All Trills are designed to delight. We’d like to introduce you to our most popular. Please note where wheat-free options are available.







Sesame Anise | Sesame Cocoa | Honey Almond | Sea Salt Honey Almond
Crunchy butter wafers edged in caramelized wildflower honey, for dessert or wine & cheese

Crazy Delicious Espresso Chocolate Chips
Satisfy a chocoholic with this soft-crunchy version of the classic, dense with hand-cut dark Belgian chocolate, subtly laced with espresso. Kids of all ages love them.

Grain-Free Macaroons
Classic | Coffee Caramel | Cranberry Apricot | Black & White
Chewy mounds of pure, organic coconut, egg whites, just the right sweetness and no fillers or gums.


Double-Ginger & Old Fashioned Molasses Miracles
Celebrating a natural miracle: organic blackstrap molasses, plus a Trill crust

Tea Cookies (gift and catering menu only)
Ginger Cranberry Apricot | Lemon Lavender | Tahini Chocolate | Hazelnut Chocolate
Meltingly soft slices of goodness, just sweet enough

Melt-Your-Hearts (For Valentine’s Day and catering platters only)
5 Butter & 5 Dark Mocha hearts per package
Soft and buttery, a cookie for everyone. Savor their simplicity. Not too sugary!


We listen to our retailers, and we do our part to help Trills succeed in your store, with options for in-store samplings, small initial orders, shelf talkers and merchandisers. To discuss your needs and to review a current price sheet, please contact Laurie at (857) 998-0207 or send us an email.